Mid-Suburban League




  • Klaus Pallan - 1 goal(s)
  • Ethan Lew - 2 goal(s)
  • Omkar Prabhavalkar - 1 goal(s)



    Thursday, September 7, 2017 @ 6:30 PM
    Barrington Stadium

    KO FT



    For the second straight game this week, our boys came out ready to attack the opposing goal.  Just two minutes into the game, Omkar Prabhavalkar made a marauding run down the right flank, delivering an aggressive ball across the face of the Huskies goal; with a slight Cruyff redirection from Colton Wever, the ball found a sprinting Ethan Lew who calmly finished from 8 yards away.   Magic!  Then, without any let up, just 8 minutes later, Klaus Pallan would double the lead on another great assist from Prabhavalkar.  Omkar dribbled into the Huskies box and then stopped on a dime, and raked a back pass with his sole, directly to the streaking Pallan, seemingly fooling the entire Hersey defensive unit.  Another calm and cool finish.

    Five minutes into the second half, Ethan Lew was rewarded for another night of incredible work rate, when his efforts lead to a shot on goal that redirected off of a Hersey defender and into the net.  Hard work pays!!!  Our boys tallied the final goal of the night just a little more than 10 minutes later when Omkar Prabhavalkar decided that assist are great but goals are nice too.  Omkar took a Klaus Pallan knock-down, which came from a great corner kick delivery from Michael Blanke, and he flicked the ball over his shoulder and into the net.  Omkar the Great!

    Tonight’s goalkeeping duo of Brett Sprengel and Daniel Hesselbein earned the shutout, with the whole team playing great team defense in front of them.

    Well done boys!  YNWA!

    BHS – Lew, Ethan (Colton Wever / Omkar Prabhavalkar) — 2nd minute
    BHS – Pallan, Klaus (Omkar Prabhavalkar) — 10th minute
    BHS – Lew, Ethan (UA) — 45th minute
    BHS – Prabhavalkar, Omkar (Klaus Pallan / Michael Blanke) — 56th minute


    0Cal UhryniakGK0000000000000000
    00Daniel HesselbeinGK401000000000.50000
    1Brett SprengelGK401100000000.51000
    2Colton WeverMID51110100010000000
    7C.J. SteibDEF21100000000000000
    8Ryan FordMID18100000000000000
    9Klaus PallanFWD59111100021100000
    10Gio GuarneroMID50110000021000000
    11Ethan LewFWD55112010032200000
    13Enrico RuffoloMID54100000021000000
    16Jose EsparzaDEF29100000000000000
    18Aidan LewFWD36100000000000000
    3Nathan PattersonDEF70110000000000000
    4Connor DelahuntMID67110000031200000
    5Charlie FrankDEF51110000000000000
    6Justin FunkDEF39100000000000000
    12Bryan GuarneroMID24100000000000000
    14Noah SebensDEF70110000000000000
    17Omkar PrabhavalkarFWD39111200011200000
    19Michael BlankeFWD67110100074300000
     Total 88019114510021111011000




    Barrington Stadium
    barrington high school