Mid-Suburban League




  • Zach Carbonara - 1 goal(s)
  • Enrico Ruffolo - 1 goal(s)
  • Alex Ramirez - 1 goal(s)
  • Nash Pirie - 1 goal(s)



    Tuesday, October 4, 2016 @ 6:30 PM
    Barrington Stadium

    KO FT



    We knew that our “Senior Night” would be a special, simply because our our seniors and what great players, representatives and people they are.  Our varsity team this year has ELEVEN of the best people we have EVER had wear the Broncos Soccer crest.  Add to this that those boys also have a phenomenal set of parents, and we just had to have a great night, right?  Absolutely!

    To make sure we got the night started right, we jumped ahead of the Vikings right away.  Senior Zach Carbonara opened the scoring in the 8th minute, with a terrific run and a fantastic goal, when he crashed to the near post and picked up a sensational set piece delivery from Senior Caleb Orr.  It looked a lot like something we have worked on in training!

    The lead became 2-0 fourteen minutes later, when Senior Nash Pirie ended one of several piercing runs down the left side with a near post effort that ricocheted off of the keeper, back to Nash, and then in.

    Just 7 minutes before halftime, the lead grew to 3-0 on an Senior Alex Ramirez strike, from a perfectly whipped in serve from Gio Guarnero (he’s a junior, but it’s okay.)

    At halftime we enjoyed celebrating each of our seniors and thanked them (and their parents too) for all that they have done to become the players and young men that they are.  It was incredible to have them all there to be honored.  With the three seniors playing on our JV teams, plus our eleven seniors… and all of their parents, there were almost 50 people there to celebrate this special night.

    After halftime, our play tailed off a little, although we did manage to create a half dozen chances.  Enrico Ruffolo, Gio Guarnero and Michael Blanke each excited the crowd with displays of skill of footwork.  Ruffolo was rewarded for some nifty work inside the Fremd box, when he crossed the ball into a dangerous area only to see it knocked down by the arm of a Fremd player.  Ruffolo stepped up and neatly tucked the spot kick into the side netting of the goal.

    Fremd pulled one goal back with a penalty kick of their own in the 73rd minute.  A little hesitation from our back line was enough to allow their attacking player to slide in behind us.  He then moved toward our goal, but was pulled down before he could attempt a shot.  The official didn’t hesitate and pointed to the spot.  Our goalkeeper did his best to stop the PK, but it found the back of the net and ended our shutout bid.

    Soon after, we closed out the win and spent a few more minutes celebrating our seniors and this team.  It was a great night!  Congrats seniors.  And thank you!


    Carbonara, Zach (Caleb Orr) — 8th minute
    Pirie, Nash (UA) — 22nd minute
    Ramirez, Alex (Gio Guarnero) — 33rd
    Ruffolo, Enrico (UA – PK) — 59th
    Fremd (PK) — 73rd


    0Alex RuffoloGK11800000000003100
    1Brett SprengelGK0000000000000000
    3Jordan FerminFWD11800000021200000
    4John GadboisDEF11320000000000000
    6Hudson WalshDEF11800000010000010
    7Zach CarbonaraMID11251000031200000
    8Kyle OwenMID11270000000000000
    9Klaus PallanFWD0000000000000000
    10Caleb OrrFWD11640100011100000
    11Gio GuarneroMID01460100000000000
    13Enrico RuffoloMID01521001122200000
    14Kai SebensMID11700000010100000
    15Josh CoulterDEF11500000000000000
    16Alex RamirezFWD11591000011100000
    17Nash PirieDEF11591010022200000
    2Justin FunkDEF01380000000000000
    5Charlie FrankDEF01580000000000000
    12Connor DelahuntMID01350000010100000
    19Michael BlankeFWD01290000020200000
     Total 1117884421111681403110




    Barrington Stadium
    barrington high school