Barrington Classic Tournament




  • Klaus Pallan - 2 goal(s)

Marmion Academy


    Wednesday, August 31, 2016 @ 7:00 PM
    Barrington Stadium

    KO FT



    From the opening moments tonight, our Broncos were in control of this match.  In the first half, we were able to generate 9 shots while only allowing 1.  In addition to the advantage in shots, we also had to have had at least 70+ percentage of the possession.  Despite the heavily slanted field, the first half ended with the score tied at 0-0; much of that was to the credit of the Marmion goalkeeper as well as their backline.

    In the second half, we continued where we left off, creating chances and maintaining possession, and in the 48th minute we were rewarded for all of our work.  Nash Pirie sent a lofted corner kick to the back post, where Klaus Pallan redirected the ball high and back across the frame and over the Cadets keeper.  Marmion made a few surges into the Barrington end, and were dangerous on a few free kicks on their attacking half, but overall the Broncos managed to stifle them and deny any clear scoring chances.  In the 77th minute, Pallan scored his second goal of the game , this time coming in the run of play when he received a nice ball from Pirie.  Klaus’ finish was clinical, leaving the Marmion goalkeeper no chance.  It also ended any thought Marmion had of getting level.  Minutes later, the game ended with the final score of 2-0 for the Broncos!

    Special congrats to John Gadbois for his steady work organizing the Broncos back line and his crew of Justin Funk, Charlie Frank and Josh Coulter;  also for Charlie Frank, who earned his first varsity start, compliments to you on a well played match.  Broncos goalkeeper Brett Sprengel started and saw his first appearance of the season, and played well, especially coming out to punch away a few crosses.


    Klaus Pallan (Nash Pirie) — 48th minute
    Klaus Pallan (Nash Pirie) — 77th minute


    0Alex RuffoloGK0000000000000000
    1Brett SprengelGK11800000000011000
    3Jordan FerminFWD01140000010100000
    4John GadboisDEF11800000000000000
    6Hudson WalshDEF0000000000000000
    7Zach CarbonaraMID11710000021200000
    8Kyle OwenFWD11460000011100000
    9Klaus PallanFWD11652010062400000
    10Caleb OrrFWD11370000022200000
    11Gio GuarneroMID11510000011100000
    13Enrico RuffoloFWD01480000021100000
    14Kai SebensDEF01440000000000000
    15Josh CoulterDEF11800000010000000
    16Alex RamirezFWD01200000011100000
    17Nash PirieDEF11800200000000000
    2Justin FunkDEF11540000000000000
    5Charlie FrankDEF11800000000000000
    12Connor DelahuntMID01200000011100000
    19Michael BlankeFWD01100000000000000
     Total 11178802210018101411000

    Marmion Academy



    Barrington Stadium
    barrington high school